Course Title
(* : course within the regional Tuscany Start-up Academy program)
I = Italian
E = English
A = Other foreign languages
(in parentheses, the institution of the teacher)
Industria 4.0 a 360° (*)I5EN. Fiorini (UNISI)
2D/3D printing for the realization of innovative products, sensors, wearable system and IoT devices (*)I5ES. Genovesi (UNIPI)
C. De Maria (UNIPI)
A. Tognetti (UNIPI)
Formare le competenze trasversali: soft skills per l’imprenditività (SSI) (*)I5EM. Rapaccini (UNIFI)
V. Cavaliere (UNIFI)
COINs (Collaborative Innovation Networks)
I3EP.A. Gloor (MIT)
Internet of Things for Industry 4.0.I3ES. Saponara (UNIPI)
Business Process Optimization in industry 4.0 (*)I4EV. Mininno (UNIPI)
D. Aloini (UNIPI)