Research lab: DII
via Caruso 16 – 56122, Pisa

Anand R. Moorthy

M.Sc, MBA, M.Des

Born in India, my background in science, management and design fuels my research on sustainable servitization in manufacturing. Previously, worked on digitally transforming the marketing functions for prominent global brands across industries and then led broader digital transformation initiatives. Currently researching how manufacturers can leverage servitization to achieve sustainability goals, exploring the critical role of digital technology in facilitating this transition. Actively collaborating with an equipment manufacturer to test and refine these ideas in a real-world setting.


Sustainability, Servitization, Innovation, Industry 4.0

Research Topic:

Under the Smart Industry theme, my research focuses on developing a data-driven framework to empower manufacturing firms in designing and implementing sustainable servitization strategies. This framework will guide manufacturers in adopting advanced services that optimize both customer value and business profitability while minimizing negative environmental impact. Research timeline: 1. Year 1: Literature review, data collection methodology development, ideation and experimentation with initial industry partner(s). 2. Year 2: Data analysis, framework development based on findings, refinement through further research and industry collaborations. 3. Year 3: Framework validation through real-world applications, tracking transitions, impact assessment and dissemination of research findings.

Other Activities:

Industry Collaboration: Ongoing collaboration with a leading equipment manufacturer to explore the integration of a net positive business model into their service offerings. This project involves: 1. User Research: Understanding customer needs and preferences for sustainable services. 2. Impact Analysis: Analyzing the environmental footprint of existing services and identifying optimization opportunities. 3. Business Case development: Demonstrating the viability and competitive advantage of sustainable service models. Research Exchange: Currently on research exchange program at ZHAW Switzerland. This collaboration: 1. Provided insights into broader application of servitization beyond the manufacturing sector. 2. Exploring the role of technology (eg. digital twins) in enabling a circular economy transition for manufacturers.