Research lab: Robotics, automation and autonomous systems lab (Raasl), room N 4-006
Largo Lucio Lazzarino n.1

Andrea Dan Ryals

Research grant holder

I attended Ulisse Dini Scientific High School in Pisa and later earned a degree in aerospace engineering. Following that, I completed a master's degree in robotics and automation engineering with a thesis focusing on autonomous racing vehicles as part of the Italian Roborace team. Currently, I am a PhD student in smart industry at the University of Pisa, specializing in advanced control systems for aerospace applications. Additionally, I am working as a research fellow at the university's information engineering department, continuing to explore the research areas from my PhD.


Adaptive control, control allocation, guidance, navigation, aerial and aerospace robotics

Research Topic:

My research focuses on the development of adaptive control systems enabling the rapid development of flight-ready systems in a timely manner. The increasing use of unmanned aircraft and small aircraft for urban transport necessitates the development of control systems capable of ensuring the pilot's ease of handling, quick learning times, and fault tolerance.

Other Activities:

I collaborated with the University of Bologna on developing helicopter adaptive control systems. I worked with the Technical University of Munich to develop multi-rotor adaptive control allocation techniques.