Research lab: DINFO
Via di S. Marta, 3 - 50139 Firenze (FI)
University of Florence

Hervè Atsè Corti

Msc. Electrical Engineering; PhD Student

Born and raised in Florence, my early passion for music inspired me to explore the world of technology, leading me to study Electrical Engineering at the University of Florence. This choice was driven by a desire to build my own musical devices, blending creativity with technical skill. During my studies, I developed a profound interest in quantum physics and quantum computation, a fascina-tion that ultimately guided me to pursue a PhD at the University of Pisa. Outside of my academic pursuits, I remain passionate about music, embedded device design, and web services development. These interests not only continue to fuel my creativity but have also taught me a diverse set of skills that have been invaluable in my research endeavors.


Superconducting Quantum Computing, Quantum Processing Units, Quantum Device Control.

Research Topic:

During my Smart Industry PhD, I specialised in the pioneering field of quantum hardware design and quantum hardware control. My research aimed to address the complexities of designing super-conducting quantum computing units as well as developing robust control mechanisms that leverage quantum optimal control techniques in order to enhance quantum gate implementation accuracy. A primary goal of my PhD was to design a superconducting Quantum Processing Unit (QPU) that laid the ground for developing a qubit-based itinerant photon detector with the INFN QubIT project. I also collaborated with the University of Chalmers in Sweden on researching optimal QPU control, aiming to improve quantum gate performance and reduce gate implementation times on their QPUs. Both top-ics have shown promising results and offer substantial opportunities for further exploration.

Other Activities:

I collaborated with the INFN QubIT Project to design an itinerant photon detector based on qubits.