Department of Information Engineering

Israa Dheyaa Khalaf AL-Rubaye

PhD Student in Smart Industry

Born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1989, I nurtured a fervent ambition to pursue a PhD in engineering from an early age. Graduating from the University of Technology with a bachelor's degree in 2012, I subsequently obtained a master's degree in industrial engineering from the same institution in 2016. Embarking on my professional journey, I commenced as a planning engineer at Land Transportation Company before transitioning into my doctoral studies. Presently, I am in my third year as a PhD student in the Smart Industry Department at UNIPI in Pisa.


Electrical Discharge machining, Machining Processes, Cryogenic Treatment, Vegetable based oil (Biodiesel).

Research Topic:

My research is focused on the green environment parameters of Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM). EDM is a non-traditional, thermal, and electrical machining used to cut complex shape parts and hard to cut materials. I want to improve the efficiency of EDM process, by using different technologies that could increase the material removal rate, decrease the total processing time, and use ecofriendly materials that provide a green environment for both machine and operator’s safety.

Other Activities:

I had the privilege of participating in the 10th International Conference on Manufacturing and Industrial Technologies, hosted in Budapest, Hungary from January 25-27, 2024. During the event, I showcased my research on the "Influence of Graphene Coating on Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Utilizing a Graphite Electrode."