Research lab: Microtechnology lab
Largo Lucio Lazzarino,1. Building B42, room 2002
Department Industrial and Civil Engineering

Livio Baccelli

PhD student in Smart Industry

Born in Pietrasanta, I grew up learning about vehicles and with a strong passion in mechanics. In 2018 I obtained a bachelor degree in Mechanical Enigineering from the University of Pisa; then in 2022 the Master Degree. I am currently a PhD student at the Univeristy of Pisa, focusing on advanced mechanical technology and hierarchical grippers.


Production processes, design, robotics

Research Topic:

My research is focus on hierarchic structures and smart grippers, I want to build it, sensorised so as it will be abel to recognize objects identified by a family type through the use of AI. By the end of the first year many architectures have been explored and by the end of the 2024 the first prototype of hierarchical and smart gripper will be operative. This is a challenging topic of research that can lead to new, versatile and reliable family of robotic grippers.

Other Activities:

I collaborated with Toscana Spazzole Industriali upgrading the manufacturing and management process, was a supervisor of two Masters Degree thesis student. In 2024 I assisted with the Mechanical Technology course for Management Engineering. Other activities include a contribute to the developement of new design for optimum geometry of electrode in die sinking discharge machining process.