Research lab: Electronic Systems
Via G. Caruso , 16 (PI)
DII – Department of Information Engineering

Pierpaolo Dini

PhD Student in Automation Engineering

I was born in La Spezia on July 9, 1989. I grew up in Sarzana, where I finished middle school, I moved to Pisa. I graduated from the ‘Professional Institute IPSIA G.Fascetti IPSIA of Pisa as an electrotechnical operator, in 2008. I worked for a year as an electrician at COLI srls in Pisa. In September 2010 I enrolled in the engineering school of Pisa, the three-year degree in Electrical Engineering. In December 2014 I completed the three-year degree with a score of 100/110. The same year I enrolled in the master’s degree in Robotics and Automation Engineering, concluding my master’s studies in July 2017 with a score of 108/110. I worked for a year in P2C, a company that designs systems for industrial automation. Since November 2019 I am a PhD student in Smart Industry, at the Department of Information Engineering at the University of Pisa. Other activities: Collaboration to “Do It Smart” Project. European Project with the goal to reconfigure existing Building to increase energy efficiency and include smart device in order to design intelligent algorithm which analyse the habits of the user and suggests action to improve the efficiency itself. Collaboration to “MICAELA” Project. A Tuscany Regional Project with the goal to create a fully electric luxury microcar and project a recharging Photovoltaic Off-Grid System for at least a daily complete charge of the vehicle power train battery. Collaboration to “EPI”. The European Processor Initiative has the goal to project a complete European produced ARM-likely microprocessor for automotive and embedded system. The goal of the collaboration is to presents some algorithm in order to stimulates specific areas of the processor itself. Tutorage Activity for Electronic Engineering Bachelor Thesis. Student: Ilaria Martelli. Tutorage Activity for Robotics and Automation Engineering Master Thesis, in collaboration with Marellli S.p.a. Students: Tommaso Cavaliere, Emma De Pinto and Paola De Cesare. Tutorage Activity for Robotics and Automation Engineering Master Thesis, in collaboration with PITBURG PUMP TECHNOLOGY ITALY. Student Carmelo Buongiorno. Participation and oral presentation of a published work to the “international conference on Application in Electronics pervading Industry Environment Society 2019, Pisa, September 2019.


My scientific interests are addressed to Electrical Machines, Electronic Power Converters, Power Electronics and Advanced Control Systems of Electric Drives for Industrial Automation and Automotive applications.

Research Topic:

My research project regards “Safe and Secure Embedded Control Systems for Mechatronics, Industry 4.0 and Automotive”. Within now I work on two parallel activities: the first one is the “Design and Verification of Control Algorithm for Brushless Power Drive System” meanwhile the second one is the “ECU Fingerprinting”. The goal of the first activity was to realize a Control algorithm able to absorb the Cogging Torque of Brushless Motors used in the Drive System of a Serial Robot Manipulator. I currently work to improve the algorithm in order to use it in a larger set of operating condition and not only for Robotic application. The second activity, in collaboration with Marelli S.p.a, regard the recognition of the various ECU inside a general CAN Communication Network inside the vehicle with the goal to detect any anomalous behaviour in term of malicious messages or presence of malicious devices, based our algorithm on the physical layer measure of the protocol itself.