Research lab: Global Optimization Laboratory
3, via di Santa Marta, 50139, Florence, Italy
Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione (DINFO), Florence

Roberta Rossi

PhD Student

I grew up with a strong interest in math, computer science and network communications; I obtained my MSc degree in Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Florence in 2016. I have worked in projects involving firms and/or hospital wards, including an internship in an intensive care unit during my MSc thesis. After the MSc degree I received a research grant, in 2017, and I am currently a PhD student in Smart Industry.


Network Optimization, Health Services Optimization, Decomposition Methods, Heuristics, Machine Learning

Research Topic:

My research focuses on optimization methods (mathematical models and algorithms), to manage different logistic aspects where joint decisions are involved, e.g. routing and scheduling, with the aim of improving efficiency and quality of service.