Laboratorio di Ricerca: Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Florence
Centro didattico Morgagni, Viale Giovanni Battista Morgagni, 40, 50134 Firenze FI

Cosimo Barbieri

M.Sc. mechanical Engineering; Ph.D. Student in Smart Industry

Graduated in mechanical engineering in 2017, passion and curiosity pushed me to find the goal of my research and work experiences in the fields of service and innovation management. Believing strongly in the power of data to support every decision-making process, I decided to strengthen my analytical skills applying machine learning algorithms (SVM) and developing software in Python programming language in Smartoperations, an innovative start-up firm, spinned of from the IbisLab (Unifi) research team. Within the same research team, from 2018 I started my research career: first, as a fellow researcher of the PRIN2015’s project about “Changing Cost and Performance Management Systems to enable business Servitization and improve competitiveness of Italian manufacturing SMEs”; then (ongoing), as a PhD student of the Smart Industry program, for which I won – first ranked – a research grant with the project “Servitization of manufacturing companies: the role of digital twins of products and processes”. Great lover of music, I am also very passionate about art and history. Big fan of basket NBA, I practice running and swimming as sport during the year, hiking and sailing in the summer. Florence and Tuscany are my home; New York is my city of desires.


Digital twin, data mining, machine learning, service innovation, management innovation, dgital transformation.

Research Topic:

My research work is aimed at analyze how the DT that supports products and processes can be an enabler to the servitization of manufacturing companies. For this purpose, I’ll try to answer to the following questions: What is the relationship between servitization and DT of products and processes? How DT can enable servitization in manufacturing? Why the manufacturing companies should choose DT as a key factor to the servitization of their business?