Department/research center to which it belongs: Computer Science Department, University of Pisa

Daniele Atzeni

Ex. Msc. Data Science and Business Informatics; PhD Student in Smart Industry

Born in Savona on 14/01/1994, I grew up with a strong passion and inclination for mathematics. In 2017, I received my bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the University of Genoa; in 2020, I received my master's degree in Data Science and Business Informatics from the University of Pisa. After almost a year as a researcher in Pisa, I started as a PhD student in Smart Industry.


Machine learning, continual learning, industrial IoT, time series.

Research Topic:

My research focuses on machine learning applications for Industry 4.0. In particular, my focus is on developing, deploying and maintaining machine learning models without running into typical problems such as catastrophic forgetting. I would really like to help machine learning have the big impact on industry that everyone thinks is possible but is currently struggling to achieve.

Other Activities:

I participated in the European project Planet4, which aimed at bridging the knowledge gap between academia and industry about Industry 4.0 and every related research field. I did a visiting period at Ramon Llull University in Barcelona and collaborated with Zerynth to develop machine learning applications for retrofitting of industrial machines.