Laboratorio di Ricerca: MDM Lab
Via di Santa Marta 3
Department of Industrial Engineering (DIEF)

Edoardo Topini

M.Sc in Electronic Engineering

Born in Florence on the 1st of January 1989, I grew up with a strong passion in scientific subjects. In high school, I graduated with Mathematics and Physics as my majors. I continued my academic career with the B.Sc in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering at the University of Florence which introduced me to programming, numerical methods and computer science. While attending the M.Sc in Electronic Engineering, I improved my teamworking and problem-solving skills by focusing on academic research projects and robotics competitions. My career ambition is to carry out research in robotics and/or programming. I am currently a PhD student in Smart Industry.


Underwater robotics Vision-based robot control and mapping Deep Learning Robot software development (Robot Operating System, ROS) Software programming (C++, Python)

Research Topic:

My research involves underwater robotics with a special focus on modeling and control of an innovative smart self-reconfigurable robot. The main goal is the development of a flexible multi-purpose system strategy that can manage the vehicle’s ability to adapt to several tasks while sensing and mapping the over around environment.