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L.go Lucio Lazzarino, 56122 Pisa PI

Francesco Marconcini

PhD Student

Francesco Marconcini is a Ph.D. student in “Smart Industry” at University of Pisa. Here he graduated in 2021 in Space Engineering, with a thesis on the “Design of a 20 kW Magnetically Shielded Nested Hall Thruster”. Francesco’s PhD focuses on the application of additive manufacturing techniques to the design of electric thrusters, and he applied them also to improve the design of the aforementioned 20 kW Hall thruster. This thruster was successfully tested in 2024 making it the first of this kind in Europe, and one of the few high-power and high-performing thrusters in the world.


Space Electric Propulsion, Hall Thruster, Additive Manufacturing

Research Topic:

• Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing of ceramic and metallic materials • Additive manufacturing of soft ferromagnetic materials • Hall thruster scaling and design procedure • Thermomagnetic finite element method simulations • Fluid-dynamic simulations • Plasma diagnostic