Via Roma 56, Siena
Department of Information engineering and mathematics

Gabriele Di Renzone

PhD Student

Born in Siena in 1993, I grew up with a strong passion for electronics and computers, which eventually led me to the field of engineering. In 2016, I obtained a bachelor's degree in Management Engineering from the University of Siena, defending a thesis on the development of a low-power and low-cost device for monitoring sea waves. This experience inspired me to shift my focus to Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, in which I earned a master's degree in 2020 from the University of Siena. My master's thesis involved developing an integrated device for monitoring freight containers using LPWAN technologies. During my PhD, I concentrated on developing Industrial IoT devices for environmental monitoring in harsh environments. I am currently working as a technician at Alta Industries in Florence, and I am expected to defend my PhD thesis by September 2024


Industrial Internet of Things, Low Power Wide Area Networks, Electrical and Electronic Measurements.

Research Topic:

My research focuses on the development of IoT devices for monitoring purposes, specifically in the environmental and industrial scenarios. During my PhD, I collaborated with Alta Industries in Florence, providing technological support for technology transfer and innovation. Additionally, I spent six months at the Institute of Sensor and Actuator Technology (ISAT) research centre at Coburg University in Coburg, Germany. There, I studied and developed a low-power standalone device for underground soil movement monitoring. My goal is to provide technological support for environmental monitoring, particularly in relation to climate change and predictive maintenance.

Other Activities:

I collaborated with the University College Dublin and the Atlantic Technological University Sligo to study coastal erosion using wireless devices and 3D scanning techniques.