Laboratorio di Ricerca: Microwave Laboratory
Via Girolamo Caruso, 16, 56122 Pisa PI, Italia
Department of Information Engineering

Glauco Cecchi


Born in 1993, I started to study telecommunication during the high school period. In 2020, I obtained my master degreee in telecommunication engineering at University of Pisa, Italy. From 2020 to 2021, I worked for an EMC Lab then I started my researcher activity at the Department of Information Engineering in the University of Pisa.


RFID, RFID sensing, antennas.

Research Topic:

My research is about RFID applications in indoor environments focused on three main arguments: • Inventory: RFID performance for inventorying items in a wide warehouse; • Localization: localize RFID-tagged items in indoor environments by measuring the phase received from a RFID tag; • Sensing: measuring physical quantities (temperature, humidity, …) thanks to the RFID sensing tags. The aim of my research topic is optimizing all of these operations by performing measurements in scenarios as realistic as possible.

Other Activities:

Given that my PhD is partially funded by a company, I’m collaborating with the company Partitalia Srl on some activities related to the inventory part of my research topic.