Laboratorio di Ricerca: Software Technologies Laboratory (STLab)
Via di Santa Marta n.3, room 235
Information Engineering Department (DINFO), University of Florence

Graziano Alfredo Manduzio

M.Sc Electric and Automation Engineering

Born in Florence on the 10th of February 1989, I grew up with a strong passion in scientific subjects. In high school I graduated with Mathematics and Physics as my majors. I continued my academic career with B.Sc in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering. While attempting my M.Sc in Electric and Automation Engineering, I improved my teamworking and problem-solving skills by focusing on academic research projects and robotics challenges. My career ambition is to carry out research in merging robotics and brain-inspired artificial intelligence techniques.


• Computer Science • Data Science • Big Data • Automation • Robotics • Anthropomorphic Robotics • Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Deep Learning • Quantum Physics • Quantum Computing • Computational Neuroscience • Software Programming (C++,Python,Java) • Software Architectures • Hardware Architectures • Distributed Computer and Telecommunication Networking • Stochastic and Dynamical Systems • Dynamic Field Estimation Systems • Control Theory • Graph Theory • Queue Theory • Information Theory • Optimization Theory • Internet of Things (IoT) • Industry 4.0

Research Topic:

My current research project involves the study of Stochastic and Dynamical Systems and brain-inspired Deep Learning Techniques for several applications, in particular Robotics, Industry 4.0, IoT, Software Engineering, Transportation Systems and Data Analysis.