Laboratorio di Ricerca: LINEA laboratory
Via Vittorio Emanuele 32, Calenzano (FI)
Department of Industrial Engineering, Università degli Studi di Firenze

Marco Ciampolini

M.Sc. Energy Engineering Industrial Engineer, Register of Florence

Born in Vinci (Florence) on April 29, 1989, I grow up developing an interest in mechanics and electric. Son of entrepreneurs, I decided to study business management and I received the B.Sc. degree cum laude in Management Engineering at the University of Florence in 2013. Then, I changed the subject of studies to pursue the passion in engineering, obtaining the M.Sc. cum laude in Energy Engineering at the University of Florence in 2018. I am currently attending the 2nd year of the Ph.D. course in Smart Industry as a member of the REASE Group (Reciprocating Engines and Advanced Systems for Energy) of the University of Florence. Since 2019 I coordinate and oversee the Business & Management Department of the Firenze Race Team (Formula Student team of the University of Florence).


Hybrid powertrains, Internal Combustion Engines, Innovative Combustion Systems, Synchronous motors, Energy Efficiency, Fluid Dynamics

Research Topic:

My research aims at developing innovative hybrid powertrains for use in the nautical sector. The research investigates several hybrid architectures and new mechanical devices to find the most suitable solution in terms of fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. At present I am studying high-speed motors to be used in electrically assisted turbochargers.