L.go Lucio Lazzarino, 56122 Pisa PI
Department of Information Engineering

Mohammadamin Hosseinifard

Ph.D. Candidate in Smart Industry

Born in Shiraz in 1988, my lifelong fascination with technology and innovation took a professional turn after I earned my M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering from the Islamic Azad University in 2012. Immediately stepping into a key role, I became the Head of Control and Automation at the Shiraz Metro organization. Here, I was responsible for overseeing the installation and management of critical electrical subway systems, collectively valued at over $150 million, enhancing both operational efficiency and safety. Currently, as a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Pisa, I am immersed in Smart Industry research, exploring how advanced technologies can revolutionize industrial processes. With over a decade of experience in industrial automation, my expertise has grown from traditional PLC and SCADA systems to encompass Wireless Sensor Networks, IoT, and Cloud Computing. My latest projects focus on harnessing AI to integrate real-time data with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), thus improving data visualization in Digital Twin models. Looking forward, I am committed to pioneering research on augmenting human-robot interactions in industrial settings, aiming to align with Industry 5.0 standards and drive innovative, collaborative workplace solutions.


Industrial IoT, automation, virtual reality, augmented reality, cloud computing, data digitalization, digital twin technologies, and real-time monitoring.

Research Topic:

My research focuses on integrating advanced IoT and virtual/augmented reality technologies to revolutionize data visualization and control in industrial automation. The objective is to enhance productivity and innovation through smart digital twins and real-time data applications across various industrial sectors.

Other Activities:

I have actively participated in international workshops and hold several patents in automation technology. Notable is my role in steering the project team at Shiraz Railway Transportation Organization, leading to groundbreaking implementations in automation systems.